Saturday, January 10, 2009

My babies are two!

I am shocked that it has happened babies are toddlers!!! WAHHHH!! Soon they will be wearing clothes that sizes end in T, then they will be going to school, it goes way to quick! I want to freeze time and have them be my babies for just a little bit longer :(

So Daddy had to work today so we opened presents in the morning and had a Birthday breakfast before Daddy had to head off for the day.

Me and Aron got them play pots and pan for their kitchen (HUGE HIT!!)
and a key board (also a HUGE HIT!!)
When Ethan and Dylan went down for a nap me and Caleb made them cupcakes
Then Mi-Mi came over for dinner and the boys got to open gifts from her, she got them Elmo chairs (again HUGE HIT!) and push toys (an even BIGGER HIT!!)

My cake face boys....

Ethan and Dylan with big brother Caleb...