Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In a funk

I have been in a funk lately, not really too much exciting going on to post about and I have not taken too many pictures of the boys. We have been spending what little free time we have trying to finish up the numerous projects that continue to remain unfinished around here and with a tree falling in our yard during one of the recent big storms it has just added to the list of things that need to get done. So, here are some random recent pictures we have taken.
One of the only couple of pictures I took while cousin Elijah was here visiting (not sure what happened with my picture taking) - he is 2 months younger then Caleb, gosh Caleb is short (he is the one in the middle)!! The kids were catching rain in this picture -
Ethan being silly -
Brianna and the boys at the beach -
Caleb showing off the shell he found -
Caleb is his bag head, Daddy made him -

Not very exciting but, figured I should get something on here since it has been so long! I really have to get some better ones of the twins, it is amazing how quickly they are growing, they are starting to look more like toddlers and less like babies every day!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Prayers for Tuesday

This is Tuesday

Today I am asking that you please pray for Tuesday, a beautiful little girl that I have gotten to know through her Mother, as part of a multiples group that I joined when Ethan and Dylan were a couple months old. Tuesday has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma and has just started her road to recovery. She is an amazing little girl with an amazing family and they really need all the prayers and positive thoughts that they can get right now. I have added two buttons to my side bar is you would like to donate to help this wonderful family, the top one is to donate to help the family with all the additional expenses they will be faced with, the second is apparel that you can purchase, with the proceeds going to help the family. Our prayers will not go unanswered, little Tuesday will beat this, she needs all the prayers she can get right now, thank you for yours.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Family Fun Day

Both Daddy and Mommy were off from work on Tuesday so we spent a fun day together. First we went to Kent Falls State Park and enjoyed a day of swimming and a little hiking.
The boys really enjoyed the river -
From the river we walked over to the big pool so Caleb could take a "swim" -
And Ethan and Dylan could climb the stairs and have a snack
Then we took a break for a picnic lunch -
And off for a small hike up the trail that leads to the top of the falls -
Back to the river for a cool off -
Then that night Aunt D invited us to her house for a picnic in her backyard of homemade pizza - YUM! After which we walked over to the park for a concert, it was a lot of fun!
Brianna and Caleb
I love this picture of Brianna -
Dylan relaxing on Daddy
Ethan being silly
Dylan being silly

It was a great day - we do not want the summer to end - ever!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a very busy, fun filled weekend - it started on Friday with a trip to the park, just the boys and me, this does not happen very often, because as you can imagine, watching three of them with only one set of eyes is not very easy, we went early before everyone else was out of the house for the day, then ran errands and got some lunch.
Then on Saturday Aunt D called to see if we wanted to run the couple of errands we had to do together, sure, we are always game for a trip out of the house, the boys fell asleep in the car, or should I say Ethan and Dylan did, Caleb was with Brianna and Kim at the beach for a day of fun in the sun, well, seeing as they were sleeping we went around and checked out a couple tag sales, and I hit the jack pot, I had been wanting to get the boys a play kitchen but, did not want to spend a huge sum of money on one, so I had been keeping my eyes open everywhere for a bargain. So, I found one, dated, but, in very good shape, I may even paint it with some of that plastic paint, but, it does not really need it. So, what did I pay for this little treasure, $3, yes, $3, is that a bargain or what? The boys love it!!!
Then Saturday night Mi-Mi invited us up the lake to watch the boat parade, we could not resist. Caleb caught his first fish, perfect size for him, don't you think! And Ethan meant his future prom date, now you would never guess but, Vivian is almost a year younger than Ethan, says something for the shortness in our family and the height in hers, she is so beautiful!!
Dylan slept through the whole night, but, Ethan enjoyed the boat parade as did Caleb!
And today was Ash's 7th Birthday party, Caleb swam like a big boy with just arm swimmies on! Ethan and Dylan wanted nothing to do with the water but, sure did love the cupcakes Robyn made, she did such a great job with them, she made them in cones, decorated the tops with blue icing and put a teddy graham on the top of each one with a jelly lifesaver around them, a great idea for a pool party, I LOVED it, very crafty Robyn!

That is our weekend in a nutshell, now I am ready for some much needed sleep and off to work tomorrow!