Sunday, September 28, 2008


Do you ever have a dream and when you wake up you either wish it was real or glad it was not?

I have those too.

It has been 2 years, 3 months and 13 days since my father passed.

In the beginning I dreamed about him a lot, I would dream and he would be in them, I had dreams that he knew he was going to die, I had dreams that he was hugging me, I had dreams that he was just in, like my life used to be.

Those dreams stopped for a long time.

They are back again, I have been dreaming about him a lot, almost every other night. I dream that he his hugging me, I dream that he is just there, I dream that I am calling him, I dream that I am talking to him.

I wake up and I am not sure how I feel about these dreams.

I think I love them because it is "time" with him. Time I will never again get in "real" life. It is time I get to feel his presence, it is hugs that I get to feel in my dreams that I will never again feel for real.

Then sometimes I think I hate them because I have to wake up to reality.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Toys are taking over my house!!

It has happened - we have started giving our house over to our children or should I say, over to their toys - our dinning room has become the play room :)

For lack of a better picture, this was our dinning room before -

And this is that same room now -

And this was the room (extension on our kitchen, I guess you could have called it a country kitchen) that is now our dinning room -
Before -

After -

I must admit, I LOVE it!!! All the toys are now in ONE room instead of all over the house, my living room stays clear of clutter and toys - which is GREAT!! And it makes toy clean up so much easier. Also, having my dinning room right off my kitchen makes dinner time easier. So, even though feel like my house is being taken over by Toys r' us, I love my boys and this is makes so much more sense than it did before.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Aquarium

We go the aquarium pretty regularly, I think my boys could go everyday and never tire of it. But, this time I got some really good pictures of the boys, so I had to share.

Dylan in front and Ethan in back

Daddy, Dylan and Ethan as a turtle

Caleb being silly!

Ethan, deep in thought



Caleb and Dylan at the touch tank, Ethan wanted nothing to do with touching anything.



Mommy (I know shocking, a picture with me in it!), Caleb and Ethan

Friday, September 19, 2008


My posts are typically about fun stuff we do and include pictures, this post will have neither. Ok, maybe I will add a few updated pics at the end. It is just an update post, with information on what is going on in our neck of the woods, so to say.

Caleb – he has started preschool, he goes two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday and everyday drop off gets less and less painful, he will adjust soon hopefully. Although, always by pickup he is happy and had a great day! Even though it is just preschool, thinking of my “baby” going to school is crazy to me! He is super excited about Halloween already, we got out the decorations today, mostly because I totally forgot what I picked up end of season last year for them to be this year, luckly they are young enough still that I can get away with this. Caleb will be a pirate this year, he is so excited and tried it on like 5 times today! He has been walking around singing like crazy the past few weeks, he will just randomly break out in song. And he is really into books, we have to read about 5 million before bed, well, maybe it is just 5 but, it feels like so much more some nights, then he has to take said 5 million books into bed with him to "read" during the night - he is so darn cute!!

Ethan – he has started speech therapy, the other day the therapist got him saying knife (although he has not said it since), she had a little veggie set with a plastic knife that “cut” through the fruit, it was cute and they loved it. He is saying “more” and “ma-ma” as well as “go”. I am hoping that he starts picking up some more words soon as it is getting increasingly difficult for him and me that he can not communicate – we are working on the signs and he know the sign for eat, but, that is all so far. He is such a ma-ma’s boy it is crazy, everywhere I go he is attached to me and if he thinks I am leaving it is the end of the world for him, frustrating at times, but, mostly I think it is sweet and cute.

Dylan – he is doing good, he injured his finger the other day and being the dramatic one that he is every time he looks down at it and remembers that it is injured he makes a really sad face and says “ouch, ouch, oh, oh, ouch” it is pathetically cute! In his defense he is missing half his nail. He is my trouble maker and has a personality a lot like his Grampy’s, boy are we in trouble! He is addicted to his binky, which is driving me mad. He is just an awesomely funny, silly little boy.

Mr. Dragon Tail - is doing good, he is adjusting to his new home and seems to like it. He was kind of lethargic for a couple days, Aron called the pet store and they seem to think the twins may have been stressing him out when we took him out of the aquarium, which makes sense, they are enough to stress anyone out some days.

All in all we are doing really well, I am not really looking forward to winter and the long days held up in the house, but, we will make it, we always have the museum pass, the aquarium membership and playing outside in the snow (fingers crossed they all LOVE the snow), so hopefully it will not be as bad as I am anticipating.

Ok - so for the pics -

All three boys are in the picture, this is part of our nightly routine, wrestling, typical boys!

I LOVE this picture of Ethan, I just think he looks so cute in it -

Dylan and his "cookey"

Notice the binky collection Dylan has acquired in a couple minutes time - those eyes, so big -

Ethan, sleeping, he looks so peaceful

Caleb, smiling for the camera -

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The newest Moore

We would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Moore family, Mr. Dragon Tail.

He is a baby bearded dragon. The kids love him, as do me and Aron, how can you not, he is so darn cute!! We have no experience in reptiles as pets so any advise would be much appriciated if anyone has any.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Baby (ok, so maybe he is not a baby anymore, but, he will always be my baby) started preschool on Thursday, it was a transition day, since I had to work Daddy brought him, it was an hour long and Daddy stayed with him the whole time, he starts by himself on Tuesday WAAHHH!!!

Daddy took this picture before they went -

a few pictures of him at school -

And a picture after it was over.

From what Caleb and Aron have told me he had a great time and LOVED it!! I hope the same holds true when he goes without Daddy on Tuesday!

Mi-Mi's Birthday

We celebrated Mi-Mi's (my Mom's) Birthday at our house - it was a nice night!

I could not find any birthday candles, but, I found this one, I thought it worked?

I am not so sure Mi-Mi was convinced LOL!

Caleb and Dylan helping her blow out her candle -

Ethan and Mi-Mi

OK - so before you report me - this beer bottle was empty, Ethan took it from the empties can but, I thought the picture was too funny not to share!

Mi-Mi chasing the boys (don't kill me Mom, I think it is cute!) -