Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day at People's State Forest

We love our State Parks and seeing as Mi-Mi got us a State Park pass we have been trying to hit them as often as possible. Aunt D, let us know about this really neat guy that brings small animals (snakes, spiders, lizards ect...) to People's State Forest every once in awhile for a free show. We could not miss it, so we piled up in the van with Brianna and Aunt D and headed for the woods! It was a good time, we stayed after and had a cook out and spent some time playing ball and enjoying the river.
The only picture of an animal I got, too busy chasing two wild toddlers, this is a GIANT spider
Ethan and Dylan

Ethan doing what he does best, eat!

Brianna and Dylan playing ball

Brianna walking with Ethan, it was so cute how he just held her hand on the path!

The kids at the river

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Our "new" swingset

So our friends the Gallaghers were nice enough to give us their swing set that the girls no longer used. One dangerous trip down route 8 (sorry Karen, I know my husband is crazy, lol), a few boards replaced and a few hours of assembling and my boys are in LOVE!!!!
This is how it looked once Aron unloaded it from the van (I wish I had got a before unloading picture)

During the building process (we since moved that liliac, lets hope it takes)

The completed set

We still need to get mulch delivered and Aron needs to seal it, but, the boys could care less!

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH Gallagher family, you have no idea how happy you have made three little men!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day

The boys made some great gifts for Daddy for Father's Day with sand in mini salt and pepper shakers and contact paper, they had a ball making them (I highly recommend this project to anyone with little ones)!

Aron worked Father's Day so, we spent the day down at the shore with Aunt D and Uncle Chuck and then met up with Daddy during his lunch hour.

So then on Tuesday when Mommy and Daddy were both off work we relived Father's Day with Daddy, packed up the cooler and went down to the shore again.


Ethan and Dylan a couple weeks old.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Goshen Stampede

Friday night we went out to Goshen to the Stampede. The boys did not have much interest in the bull riding, but, they did like the baby animals from Action Wild Life (we really need to take them there). They also loved the ice cream, games and Caleb loved the fireworks, Ethan and Dylan fell asleep before they started (10:00 is awful late for a one year old). Daddy and Mommy had a good time hanging out with Aunt D and Uncle Chuck too!!

Caleb thought he was pretty cool with Daddy's hat
Dylan LOVED every animal, he was so cute, it was fun to watch him
Caleb petting a baby goat
They were so excited!
Just look at Dylan's face, I think the man working there thought he may squish the poor little duck he was so excited!

The boys and Aunt D enjoying the animals

The night ended with a fireworks display

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Random Pictures

Some random pictures of the boys being cute

Ethan hugging his doggy the very nice nurse at the hospital gave him

Elephant boy aka Caleb chasing his brothers around the house after bath time

Dylan relaxing and watching Dora before bed

Beating the Heat

In an attempt to beat the heat and humidity that has been torturing our area the past few days, the boys have taken to the water! Ok, so they are just small bits of water in our back yard, but, they LOVE it and it continues to amaze me how much joy water, no matter the amount, can bring to a child especially on a hot day!

Caleb sliding into his "big boy pool" as he likes to call it.
The three playing
Caleb "swimming"
They are so happy!
I am just hoping that we have seen the end of this humidity. At least for a little while!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Clark Bradley Sisson 10/13/43 - 06/05/06

Today is the two year anniversary of my Dad's passing, I thought a slide show of his life would be a good way to remember him -

Miss you and Love you very much Dad!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I am following Terri in this one, I love the idea! Wednesday will be Whens-day and post on old picture. This is Caleb when he was maybe about 10 months old.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

When big brother is away, the little ones will play!

Caleb has been away, first to spend the night with Mi-Mi and today he is heading down to the shore with Aunt D, Alyssa, Madeline and Ella for a couple days. Although I miss him terribly when he is not here, the house is strangely quiet and they twins really get to "play" together without big bro around. I so enjoy watching them at this age, it is so fun! Here they are playing in the toy area.

Then we headed outside and they enjoyed their water table, I reommend getting one of these to anyone with little ones, BIG hit!! Honestly I was afraid of the ones with water and sand, digging water out of sand and sand out of water at the end of play does not sound like fun to me, but, this one is perfect for us, just water and they LOVE it, all three of them.

Summer - corn - yummmm!

The twins had there first "real" taste of summer night before last, that is right their first corn on the cob! Of course Caleb had it before and managed to clean two ears the other night! Ethan and Dylan were not too sure, as you will notice in the picture, Dylan really had no clue but, enjoyed it none the less!