Saturday, June 14, 2008

Goshen Stampede

Friday night we went out to Goshen to the Stampede. The boys did not have much interest in the bull riding, but, they did like the baby animals from Action Wild Life (we really need to take them there). They also loved the ice cream, games and Caleb loved the fireworks, Ethan and Dylan fell asleep before they started (10:00 is awful late for a one year old). Daddy and Mommy had a good time hanging out with Aunt D and Uncle Chuck too!!

Caleb thought he was pretty cool with Daddy's hat
Dylan LOVED every animal, he was so cute, it was fun to watch him
Caleb petting a baby goat
They were so excited!
Just look at Dylan's face, I think the man working there thought he may squish the poor little duck he was so excited!

The boys and Aunt D enjoying the animals

The night ended with a fireworks display


will play for food said...

What a fun day!

TONYA said...

photo of those 3 happy boys lined up looking at the animals is just great.

BoufMom9 said...

OH! These pics are so cute!
What a fun day!!!
LOVE the look on Dylan's face! Just adorable!!!!!