Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day

The boys made some great gifts for Daddy for Father's Day with sand in mini salt and pepper shakers and contact paper, they had a ball making them (I highly recommend this project to anyone with little ones)!

Aron worked Father's Day so, we spent the day down at the shore with Aunt D and Uncle Chuck and then met up with Daddy during his lunch hour.

So then on Tuesday when Mommy and Daddy were both off work we relived Father's Day with Daddy, packed up the cooler and went down to the shore again.


Tabbatha Rose said...

Im sorry Aaron missed the fun at the beach. Looks like a nice day, can I come to the beach with you next time? I miss it lol.
DId you have sandy diapers?

BoufMom9 said...

These pictures are just adorable!!!! SO SO SO CUTE!!
And, I LOVE the project the boys made for Aron! GREAT! (what kind of paper did you use???)

The Collins Family said...

Looks like the perfect father's day to me even if it was on a Tuesday!! I love the idea for the craft...that will be added to my to do list!

Sharlene said...

How cool. I want details for the project. Paul's birthday is coming up next week and I feel inspired!

TONYA said...

what a fabulous project. I'm so going to be trying that one over the summer. I've just saved it in my favorites to remember to give you credit :).

all of the photographs are just gorgeous.

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Great pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

lisa said...

I had to check out the post after Shar mentioned the craft project. What a great idea! Thanks for the tip. It came out beautifully.

Terri O'Laughlin said...

Love the sand art project! I may have to try that one!

Beach pictures are awesome, however, you can keep the crabs!!