Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Beach

On Friday we took our final trip down to the ocean for the season, soon snow will be falling and it will be too cold. We love the shore, there is just something about spending the day at the beach, even if it is a little chilly! This was a perfect day, we headed down with Mi-Mi and Aunt D.

The boys -

Ethan -

Dylan aka the king of silly faces -

Ethan -

Dylan -

Caleb -

Dylan and Ethan chasing a seagull

Then we had some lunch and the boys ran around and played -

Caleb even took a peak at New York, over the ocean -

Next we headed up to the roof for a scenic walk overlooking the ocean -

Caleb really wanted to sit in what he called the tire trees -

This is the best shot we could get of Aunt D, Mi-Mi and the boys (it was kind of funny to get them all to pay attention)

Ethan -




It was such a nice day and even though a little chilly and windy it was nice for it to not be hot and sticky. And we came home with a good deal of sea glass and some cool shells.

A little side note - (You may notice that lately I get way more pictures of Ethan than I do of Dylan that is because every time I point the camera at Dylan he turns away whereas Ethan loves to get his picture taken.)


Terri said...

Love these pictures. The ones of the boys on the trees are great! Sorry you are soon going to have to deal with the snow!

cc said...

Great pics! Love them! I can't get over what big kids we have now!

i also tagged you for a meme...

Sharlene said...

Awesome pictures Debbie. I love beach pictures