Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a very busy, fun filled weekend - it started on Friday with a trip to the park, just the boys and me, this does not happen very often, because as you can imagine, watching three of them with only one set of eyes is not very easy, we went early before everyone else was out of the house for the day, then ran errands and got some lunch.
Then on Saturday Aunt D called to see if we wanted to run the couple of errands we had to do together, sure, we are always game for a trip out of the house, the boys fell asleep in the car, or should I say Ethan and Dylan did, Caleb was with Brianna and Kim at the beach for a day of fun in the sun, well, seeing as they were sleeping we went around and checked out a couple tag sales, and I hit the jack pot, I had been wanting to get the boys a play kitchen but, did not want to spend a huge sum of money on one, so I had been keeping my eyes open everywhere for a bargain. So, I found one, dated, but, in very good shape, I may even paint it with some of that plastic paint, but, it does not really need it. So, what did I pay for this little treasure, $3, yes, $3, is that a bargain or what? The boys love it!!!
Then Saturday night Mi-Mi invited us up the lake to watch the boat parade, we could not resist. Caleb caught his first fish, perfect size for him, don't you think! And Ethan meant his future prom date, now you would never guess but, Vivian is almost a year younger than Ethan, says something for the shortness in our family and the height in hers, she is so beautiful!!
Dylan slept through the whole night, but, Ethan enjoyed the boat parade as did Caleb!
And today was Ash's 7th Birthday party, Caleb swam like a big boy with just arm swimmies on! Ethan and Dylan wanted nothing to do with the water but, sure did love the cupcakes Robyn made, she did such a great job with them, she made them in cones, decorated the tops with blue icing and put a teddy graham on the top of each one with a jelly lifesaver around them, a great idea for a pool party, I LOVED it, very crafty Robyn!

That is our weekend in a nutshell, now I am ready for some much needed sleep and off to work tomorrow!


BoufMom9 said...

GReat FUN weekend!
The boys looks just adorable (as always!)
Your future daughter in law is just beautiful! & it's so nice to see you in a pic as well. :)
Those cupcakes were just adorable! What a great idea!
And, you were quite brave taking all 3 little ones to the park alone!Well done mommy!!!

TONYA said...

Wow hon, you did have a busy weekend. How fun though. $3 for that kitchen. What a find.

The Romero-Schroeder said...

WOW that was one busy weekend, i love all the pictures.

Teh kitchen set is amazing, what a bargain.