Friday, September 5, 2008

Mi-Mi's Birthday

We celebrated Mi-Mi's (my Mom's) Birthday at our house - it was a nice night!

I could not find any birthday candles, but, I found this one, I thought it worked?

I am not so sure Mi-Mi was convinced LOL!

Caleb and Dylan helping her blow out her candle -

Ethan and Mi-Mi

OK - so before you report me - this beer bottle was empty, Ethan took it from the empties can but, I thought the picture was too funny not to share!

Mi-Mi chasing the boys (don't kill me Mom, I think it is cute!) -


The Collins Family said...

Happy Birthday Mimi! I love the video - something about barefoot babies running around outside is so cute to me!

Sharlene said...

That candle cracks me up. So something I would do.

CC said...

so cool! Love the video! looks like it was a great bday!