Friday, September 5, 2008

My Baby (ok, so maybe he is not a baby anymore, but, he will always be my baby) started preschool on Thursday, it was a transition day, since I had to work Daddy brought him, it was an hour long and Daddy stayed with him the whole time, he starts by himself on Tuesday WAAHHH!!!

Daddy took this picture before they went -

a few pictures of him at school -

And a picture after it was over.

From what Caleb and Aron have told me he had a great time and LOVED it!! I hope the same holds true when he goes without Daddy on Tuesday!


BoufMom9 said...

What a Big boy! he looks adorable!!!!

Sharlene said...

What a big kid! Be proud momma! He is gonna do so well.

CC said...

good luck on Tues! what a big step for such a little guy! He will do great... now the parents are just the ones who have to be strong! LOL I know how you feel! I go through it every year my kids go back to school! Love the pics!